Thursday, May 11, 2006

I have read the third section of The Joy Luck Club. This section really goes into the emotional part of each of the characters' stories, especially Rose Hsu Jordan's and Lena St. Clair's stories. Particularly, I believe Jing- Mei Woo's story is based on logic. Waverly Jong's story is based on her own thoughts, mixed in with the thoughts she had of her mom and her mother's own thoughts.
In this section, I really liked "Rice Husband",which was Lena St. Clair's story. I particularly enjoy reading the stories about Lena St. Clair. I believe I understand her point of view the best. In my opinion, she is talking about her story from a point of view that is based on false love and her thoughts are based on her heartbreak. This point of view is really intellectual and emotional, which is why I believe I understand it the best out of all of the stories.
I understand Rose Hsu Jordan's story, which was "Without Wood". It had a similar topic as "Rice Husband". There was a high level of intellect and emotion in the story. However, the story did not have such an intense passion and sadness as Lena St. Clair's story did.
I was not very fond of Jing-Mei Woo's story or Waverly Jong's story. Those stories don't seem to have as much emotion in them as the other two stories.
What is your favorite story? Why is it your favorite? What do you think about the other stories?


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