Monday, May 22, 2006

I finally finished reading the book. The ending of Jing-Mei Woo's story really surprised me. It was very beautifully ended. I cannot even find the way to explain how much I loved the ending of the story.
I find it very nice that Jing-Mei finally found her half sisters after so many years. The way they met is very amazing. It happened by a slim chance and it is so cool that it did happen. In addition, I love how they seem to be able to piece each other together to somehow form their mother. What I mean is that when they all met and looked at each other's faces, and all saw facial features or personality features that reminded them of their mother, it was as if they were taking pieces from each other to form their mother. That is a beautiful thing.
In addition, I love how the problem between Lindo and Waverly Jong fixed itself. Even though Lindo felt insulted by Waverly, I'm happy to see that Waverly saw the beauty within Lindo. It is always nice to see that Waverly was finally able to accept her mother for what she was and came to face her heritage proudly.
How do you feel about the story's ending?


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