Sunday, April 30, 2006

So far, I have read up to page 72 of The Joy Luck Club. I find it very amazing that all of these women have gone through so much in China. They appear to be very strong and intelligent. The mothers, Suyuan, An-mei, Lindo, and Ying-ying, are strong women, in my opinion. By forming their club, they are just trying to share their life experiences in order to teach their daughters and each other about how life and what you can learn from each life experience you have, whether they are good or bad. Particularly, the mothers seem to be telling of their bad experiences in China and what made they all move to the United States.
In the situations with An-mei and Ying-ying, I believe they were just struggling as they tried to find their proper place in their family, which influenced how society would view them. However, Lindo's story really touched my heart. Her story really tells me of how strong a person, particularly a woman, can be when it comes to following their heart. I really like this book so far. It is very emotional and it appears to teach a lot of life values.


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All the mtoher characters seemed to share a hard experiences and later difficulties with their daughters. I did not particularly think that they all had especially strong hearts, for example, Ying-ying later "broke down" after her baby died, but I suppose that's why it's emotional and that's how the author showed the life values.

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