Friday, March 10, 2006

I found a poem that I believe describe Okonkwo's feelings after he was exiled to his motherland. This poem describe his feelings of how he feels he was not living his life the best way that he could, yet he believed that his gods would help him have a better life after the seven years were over. What do you think?
by Shawn Pearson
To try and try and yet come up short,to hang my head while giving report,not able to make anything right,turns brightest day to darkest night.Amidst thoughts of strength to find myself weakbrings a gut-wrenching pain of which my heart cannot speak.Failure has never been part of my plan.I curse times I don’t, when I know that I can.My standard, my goal, my hope is perfection,yet I am met with regret, rebuke and rejection.Failure is a companion I have grown to despise, its taunts and its laughs are not found in your eyes.In you I can see love, understanding and more.You think me a winner regardless life’s score.When I’ve nearly given up, drowning in failure,you life my life, my sight, my plight to the Savior.A loving like yours in this life is most glorious,although I’m imperfect with you and Christ I’m victorious.


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