Sunday, March 12, 2006

I found another poem that I believe desicrbes Okonkwo. This poem depicts fear. In my opinion, when Christianity was introduced to Okonkwo's society, I believe he became fearful of the changes. However, his whole life was based on fear. The fear of failure and the fear of becoming his father caused Okonkwo to build a mental wall of igorant around his personality and is true emotions. What do you think this poem depicts about Okonkwo (or any other characters of Things Fall Apart)?
I Fear
By: Sri Chinmoy
I fear to speak, I fear to speak:
My tongue is killed, my heart is weak.
I fear to think, I fear to think.
My mind is wild and apt to sink.
I fear to see, I fear to see.
I eat the fruits of ignorance-tree.
I fear to love, I fear to love.
A train of doubts around, above.
I fear to be, I fear to be.
Long dead my life of faith in me.


Blogger Itaws2004 said...

I love this poem. I think Okonkwo's personalities and feelings are really expressed in this poem.

5:20 PM  

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