Thursday, October 13, 2005

I finished reading the Odyssey today. This book turned out to be somewhat interesting. In the beginning, I found it very boring and uninteresting. There were too many characters to remember and the plot was very dull. However, the story began to become interesting by book 16 when Odyssey revealed identity to Telemachus. Then when they plotted against the suitors, I begun to really get interested. But, I am disappointed that they ended up killing them all. Odyssey and Telemachus should be better men than that. I was very happy when Odyssey told Penelope who he was in book 24. It was very romantic that they finally were reunited, although Odysseus has to prove that he was himself to Penelope. Overall, I enjoyed the book.
However, I have one question. Why couldn't Athena inspire Odysseus to think of some other non-violent way to get revenge upon the suitors?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I am now up to Book 13. This story is becoming a little interesting. But, I'm a little confused with the story. Odysseus went to the House of Death to see someone, but I'm confused about who he went to see. In addition, I know he met p wit Athena and they conversed and she transformed him to look like a poor, old man and after that he was sheltered and fed by slaves of an owner. However, I'm not quite what happened after that. Can someone help me?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Okay. I am still readin the Odyssey and honestly, this book is very boring and confusing. There are so many people that are related or connected to one another is some way, and it is just so confusing. However, I guess I will develop an interest for it when I finish reading the book. However, I have a question. Why doesn't anyone believe that Odyssey is alive? Why doesn't Zeus or Athena tell the people that he is alive and on his way home instead of his son having to risk his life to prove the men and king wrong? It makes no sense to me.